Dashi (vegan)

Vegan mushroom stock
5 C. water
1 large piece of kombu, rinsed
5 – 6 dried or fresh shiitake mushrooms
Saved stems from fresh, full-flavored mushrooms (cremini, portabello, etc.)…don’t skimp! *
Approx. 1 C. of vegetable scraps (stems from broccoli, ends or skins from onions, ribs of kale, etc., washed) *

Add everything at once to cold water in stainless steel pot. Bring to boil and simmer gently for 25 – 30 minutes.

Reserve the dried shiitakes. Strain the rest of the vegetables out through a colander, then strain the broth through a coffee filter set into a sieve to remove sand and dirt left over from the mushrooms.

Now you have a deeply flavored vegan dashi that you can use as the base for miso soup.

* NOTE: If you don’t have enough saved stems to make up at least 1 C., add whole mushrooms, and if you don’t have enough vegetable scraps, use whole vegetables. This is where your flavor comes from so don’t be stingy!

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