Miso Soup (vegan)

5 C. vegan dashi
½ tsp. salt
4 rounded Tbs. Miso Master organic Mellow White Miso (or miso of your choice)
Optional: sliced scallions and/or cubed tofu

Add salt and miso to the hot dashi and whisk until well incorporated. If you plan to make the full blown Miso-Mushroom-Celery Soup, stop here and move on to that recipe. But if you want to enjoy a steaming hot, simple bowl of miso soup, have it as is or add chopped scallions and tiny cubes of “raw” tofu if you like. This is soup for the soul. If you need to reheat this soup, do it very gently in order to preserve the nutritional value and flavor of the miso; it is delicate!

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