Rockabye END SHOT 2 w-gaussian 300x300-copyYes, I did sing for my supper and I guess in some ways I still do. As a singer and songwriter in San Francisco in the 70s, I learned some tricks of the trade to keep myself fed during lean times, and one was to present myself to friendly restaurant owners who knew a good deal when they saw it — free entertainment for just the cost of a meal. It worked out great for everyone. I got to practice my craft and sing for people, and maybe more importantly, I got to eat, regularly, which was lovely! These days I’m more likely to be found in our studio at home, writing and recording and making my own delicious vegan & wheat-free meals in the old, rambling 1840 farmhouse I share with my husband and our cats north of New York City.

I love eating, love cooking, love experimenting in the kitchen and learning new techniques. I love my kitchen equipment, too. But I don’t give my heart to just any old utensil that comes along. My cast iron pans, my Kuhn Rikon Swiss vegetable peeler (no that’s not an advertisement, but these things are the BEST, and cheap too!), the stainless steel mixing bowl that my father patched up when I was a kid because he couldn’t stand to waste anything, my microplane grater, my spoon spatulas, especially the really small one . . . . just wouldn’t be happy without any of them.

So I hope to share with you all these things and more. I’m not an expert, but I’ve delved deeply and explored, and if I can pull a few things out of that that will spark your interest, I will be glad. From time to time I’ll talk about songwriting and music, too. For me it all comes together. These are the things that nourish me.

WATERMARK-Little Clown + Books

P.S., This is my music web site, for those who’d like to check it out!

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